Brandon Dabish

Founder and CEO, MEDfarms

Brandon Dabish is a prominent figure in the burgeoning Michigan cannabis industry, widely recognized as the Founder and CEO of MEDfarms, a pioneering management company that operates within the cannabis sector. Brandon’s journey in this industry traces back to the very inception of Michigan’s patient-caregiver model, reflecting his deep-rooted commitment to the state and its evolving marijuana landscape.

Hailing from Michigan, Brandon boasts an impressive background as a licensed master electrician and general contractor, amassing nearly a decade of invaluable experience in the construction, design, and maintenance of medical marijuana facilities. His unwavering dedication to ensuring compliance with all state and local laws and regulations has earned him a reputation as a meticulous and trusted professional within the field.
Beyond MEDfarms, Brandon holds equity interests in a diverse array of Michigan-based companies, many of which are intricately tied to the legal Michigan marijuana industry. His ventures include Creative Construction Innovations, LLC, MBD Holdings, LLC, and MF Real Estate Holdings, LLC, among many others. Brandon’s entrepreneurial acumen has consistently resulted in successful projects, and his peers frequently seek his professional advice and guidance.

Under Brandon’s leadership, MEDfarms stands as a fully vertically-integrated licensed marijuana company, continuously expanding its footprint in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape. The company’s unwavering goal is to flourish across its key business areas, specializing in marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail. Brandon’s commitment to customer-centric principles is evident in MEDfarms’ approach, which prioritizes superior marijuana products characterized by innovative flavors, packaging, ingredients, and techniques. The accolades and awards garnered by MEDfarms serve as a testament to the preferences of Michigan’s discerning customers.

Brandon Dabish’s entrepreneurial prowess, dedication to Michigan, and profound impact on the state’s budding marijuana industry make him a notable thought leader and industry luminary. His journey continues to inspire and shape the future of cannabis in Michigan, reflecting a legacy built on excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment.