Steve Schimpke

Director of Client & Real Estate Strategy, Cunningham-Limp


Steve Schimpke is Cunningham-Limp’s Director of Client & Real Estate Strategy.

In his role, Schimpke is responsible for pursuing and strengthening business relationships. He works closely with all departments to bolster and expedite client communication and remains readily available to address any questions and plans for future needs. Utilizing his network and solution-oriented mindset, Schimpke has a passion for helping clients pursue the next business or community impact opportunity.

Schimpke is an active member of the Urban Land Institute of the Detroit Economic Club. In addition, he’s a proud philanthropic supporter of Oakland Family Services and Racquet-Up Detroit. Schimpke is currently working with a group of individuals to launch a professional networking service aimed at bringing new opportunities to the traditionally underrepresented population of Metro Detroit.

Schimpke holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Schimpke resides in Sylvan Lake with his wife and three children.