• We asked Derek to speak at our C-Series event, which is an event we put on for our clients as a way to add value, and the value Derek added today, teaching people about networking, was unbelievable. I’m personally not a comfortable networker, and after listening to Derek today, I feel so much better about it. I would recommend ‘The Art of Networking’ to everyone because we all have the need to meet people, grow our business, and really just make connections. What Derek presents is fantastic. Everyone can use it.

    Andy Gutman
    Farbman Group
  • In my role, I have seen many speakers and Derek was the most charismatic I have ever seen. He is a passionate speaker; his energy is electrifying! He engages the audience with valuable lessons that can be applied immediately. Derek took the time to network with the audience before and after the presentation, providing in-depth and meaningful connections.

    Amanda Fylan
    Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Oakland University
  • I have been to several of Derek's events and seminars, and have used his services multiple times. Derek is a master speaker and has a unique talent of being able to "own the room" with his charisma, confidence and professionalism. What really sets him apart from others is that his seminars don't just sell you motivation and inspiration, but actually give you the practical "how-to" type of advice that you are really after. After all, we all know that meeting people and going to networking events is important, but knowing what to do before, during and after the event is really where the value comes from. Derek is also a master connector that brings people together for the sake of helping them out (and not himself). He has the uncanny ability to perceive what your needs may be and find a way to connect you with someone who may need your services. I think any individual or organization (in any industry) would find tremendous value in hiring Derek to host a seminar or event.

    Ziyad Hermiz
    Shareholder and Business Litigation Attorney, Butzel Long
  • Derek presented "The Art of Networking" to my divisional team at the MEDC. His presentation full of candor, helpful and timely. Though I am a seasoned "connector", I found his visual tools helpful and were positive reinforcements on building a stronger network. I would definitely recommend him to groups seeking executive leadership development, those that serve young adults with budding careers, or any competitive business professional seeking relevant professional development opportunities.

    Dichondra R. Johnson
    Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • The Art of Networking was an excellent event for our students at Michigan State University College of Law. These students greatly benefited from a presentation with this type of practical content and professional advice. We are grateful to Derek Dickow for sharing his expertise. We want to expand on this presentation and look forward to having Derek back.

    Veronica Valentine McNally
    Michigan State University College of Law
  • Derek Dickow empowers people. He was able to craft a message for our emerging student leaders that combined his body of expertise with their immediate needs. His delivery was spot on. By combining quotes, sharing his experiences, and an informal but focused presentation, he demonstrated his command of connecting with people, and sales, and gave his audience useful take-aways. True learning took place. Our students left feeling excited and motivated to apply what they learned.

    Marie VanBuskirk
    Emerging Recreation Leadership Program (Oakland University)
  • Our web analytics confirmed that your blog on ‘The Art of Networking’ was very well received by our readers. It was our most popular story in our daily news that day, and did great on social media. Networking is something people in all aspects of the business world can relate to and are looking to improve at. We’d love for you to be a regular contributor.

    Stephanie Shenouda
    DBusiness Magazine
  • The (Art of Networking) presentation brought to mind some things I hadn’t thought about. Most of the information I knew, but, some of which I haven’t been practicing. When you get into a comfortable routine, getting ‘back to basics’ is something we need to be reminded to do. When you are new, you do things ‘by the book’, the way you were instructed to do it. Then, as you get ‘seasoned’, or, ‘comfortable’, one tends to skip some of the steps, leading to less performance, over all. I am, definitely, glad I participated. It was well worth my time.

    Keith Bunetta
    Evolution AVS
  • Derek Dickow is extremely passionate and admirably enthusiastic. The Art of Networking provides individuals with the tools and tips to gain the most from any event. In the legal field, it's important to build a rapport with other attorneys and judges. Derek's advice provides insight to help effectively and genuinely build those relationships, whether I'm representing myself or a firm. Derek goes beyond the ordinary principles of networking and uses his expertise to demonstrate that there certainly is an art to networking.

    Dalia Abdow
    MSU College of Law Student

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