Leading entrepreneurial and startup expert

Jeff Sloan is a visionary and entrepreneurial expert proficient in creating and developing early stage companies. With over 30 years of experience, Jeff has truly lived the entrepreneurial journey and is dedicated to helping others realize their potential by bringing their ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs are Jeff’s people. Like him, they become stronger when faced with a challenge, and see it as their obligation to courageously pursue a better way, no matter the odds. They understand, like Jeff, that successful people take command of their reality and transform it into something great.

Jeff serves as founder and CEO of StartupNation, LLC, a multimedia company that provides educational and inspirational resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners. In his leading role with StartupNation, Jeff hosts the award-winning StartupNation Radio show on WJR AM 760 in Detroit, which has aired since 2004 in over 85 markets nationally. Jeff also hosts the daily WJR “Business Beat” segment live on air during the morning drive prime-time programming, in which he spotlights subject matter of interest to the entrepreneurial, startup and tech communities.

Jeff is also founder and CEO of StartupNation Ventures, LLC, a startup incubator/accelerator that develops business concepts into viable businesses. Successful exits from his portfolio of startups include Clarity Technologies, LLC, GeneGo, LLC, and Rubicon Genomics, LLC. Jeff was instrumental in guiding the development, launch, growth, and exit of each of these startups. In addition, Jeff founded and currently leads the startup known as FanLabel, a music gamification platform.

Jeff has keynoted numerous entrepreneurial and business conferences, including the Microsoft Small Business Conference and the Small Business Administration of America annual conference. He has been named one of the 500 most powerful business leaders in metro Detroit in DBusiness magazine’s “Detroit 500,” and honored as a Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.