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The Resurgence of the Commercial Real Estate Lending: What Lies Ahead in 2024

As we stand on the brink of 2024, it’s evident that the horizon of the US investment sales and lending markets is brimming with opportunity and resurgence. Industry leaders and commercial real estate executives now gaze at 2024 with optimism, as indicators point toward a potential recovery in transaction activity. However, what has brought this market to its current position, and what technological innovations are paving the path forward?

Setting the Stage: Market Dynamics and Historical Context:

Before delving into the future, it’s vital to take a step back. Prior to the unforeseen setbacks such as the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the US, along with the acquisition of Credit Suisse by UBS, there was anticipation within the industry. Many foresaw the first half of 2023 as a period of dormancy, with a subsequent upswing in activity as the year progressed.

Fast-forward to the present, and we find that a staggering USD $728 billion of commercial mortgages have matured in 2023, with another USD $659 billion set to mature in 2024, as noted by a recent Mortgage Bankers Association survey. This cumulative value represents approximately 31% of all outstanding commercial mortgages across two years.

Fintech and AI: Navigating the Debt Landscape

As we brace ourselves for these significant maturities, lenders and investors are redirecting their focus. Their strategies involve internal consolidation, managing the extensive existing debt and equity portfolios, and exploring innovative solutions to navigate problems surrounding these maturities.

Enter fintech, bolstered by the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Fintech, growing at a staggering CAGR of 16.8%, is predicted to balloon to a whopping $492.81 billion market by 2028. This growth is spurred by the trifecta of customer-centric innovation, stringent regulatory oversight, and robust security mechanisms.

In the realm of fintech, AI has transitioned from a luxury to an absolute necessity. From enhancing marketing strategies to refining customer analytics, AI is set to play an even more instrumental role in future business decision-making.

In particular, generative and prescriptive Machine Learning (ML) based analytics are proving invaluable. They’re reshaping how businesses approach customer grievances, set financial objectives, and devise strategies to attain these goals. Additionally, predictive analytics, underpinned by complex neural networks, are set to change the game in credit decision-making and meet burgeoning industry requirements.

A Glimpse into the Future: The 2024 Perspective

As the fabric of commercial real estate lending undergoes this metamorphosis, driven by technological advancements, global shifts, and ESG impacts, enterprises like Rair Capital are spearheading the change. Rejecting the cookie-cutter approach, Rair Capital champions tailored solutions, catering to the unique needs of partners and clients. Their vast experience spanning over a decade, coupled with an impressive network of more than 10,000 lending institutions, forecasts a soaring trajectory for their business. By astutely harnessing trends, utilizing specialized resources, and diligently tracking the ever-shifting regulatory landscape, they are not just preparing for the future – they are defining it.

Final Thoughts

The fusion of commercial real estate and fintech offers a unique proposition. Real estate, traditionally perceived as a brick-and-mortar industry, is undergoing a digital makeover. With the integration of fintech, processes that were once tedious and time-consuming – be it property valuation, risk assessment, or transaction settlements – are being streamlined and enhanced with precision and speed. As a result, the barriers to entry are gradually dissipating, making room for a broader spectrum of investors to step in and reap the benefits.

In light of this, it becomes evident that the dawn of 2024 is more than just another year on the calendar. It represents a pivotal juncture in the journey of commercial real estate, lending, and fintech – a juncture where tradition meets innovation, challenges are transformed into opportunities, and the future is waiting to be shaped. Stakeholders, the ball is in your court.





It’s no secret that businesses face unprecedented levels of risk. Unpredictable global events mean companies must prepare for the unplanned and pivot quickly. Natural catastrophes, cybersecurity threats and emerging risks have led to a rise in premiums, making for increased difficulties in securing affordable coverage that aligns with business interests and goals.

Hylant is continuously driven by finding creative solutions that fit the unique circumstances of its clients.

Hylant’s dedication to serving its clients began in 1935. As one of the largest privately held brokerages in the United States, we continue to keep our focus on helping our clients identify and address risk-related challenges before these challenges become unmanageable.

The broker’s dynamic team of experienced professionals includes specialized experts with an exclusive focus on

specific industries and risks. This targeted expertise, in combination with outside-the-box thinking and innovative tools, enables Hylant to design and deliver customized programs to meet individual needs.

Hylant’s dedication to clients is what keeps the company moving.

Hylant’s newest CEO, Bubba Berenzweig, took the reins from Mike Hylant, launching the fourth generation to oversee Hylant. The company made key changes to ensure clients could navigate the ever-changing and complex risk management landscape.

Moving from an independent office approach to a regional office structure allows Hylant to better share resources and serve clients better. This sharing of resources across the Hylant footprint brings Hylant clients the benefits of key investments in data analytics, captive solutions, M&A and transaction solutions, and executive risk expertise.

The dedication of Hylant to the places where Hylant employees and clients live and work is reflected by Hylant’s ongoing community commitments. One example is Jack Miller, a University of Michigan alum with deep roots in the Michigan community. His selection as president of Hylant’s Ann Arbor and Detroit office allows unifying operations between the two offices. to better provide clients with insurance strategies that align with their growth goals. Miller’s recently made his community commitment by joining the Wolverines’ football radio team as an analyst for the pregame, halftime and postgame shows.

For more than 85 years, Hylant has been more than an insurance broker to clients, more than an employer to its team members, and more than a business to its communities. Hylant has been a partner, protecting interests and supporting growth. While keeping its core values of family, honesty, hard work, empathy and respect at the center of all decisions, Hylant grows to best serve the people we call family.

For more information visit: https://hylant.com


Your five-star projects can use five-star partners.

Your five-star projects can use five-star partners.

Your five-star projects can use five-star partners.
The old adage is that it’s all about who you know. We know that’s only half true – you also have to work hard to stay successful as a developer. But knowing the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and everything we have to offer can make that work easier.

Focusing on your needs is our foundation.
Solid, long-lasting partnerships are the core of how the MEDC builds Michigan’s economy. We strengthen our relationships the same way you build your business: by focusing on the specific needs of each partner and project.
That’s why we tailor our incentives and services – so the tools always fit the job.

We’ve been around the block before.
From planning to ribbon cutting, we align the right local, regional and state resources. We make sure developers have what they need to shape our vibrant small towns and refresh our largest downtowns.
Developers like you have relied on this approach to revitalize Michigan for years. That experience and support have helped our partners earn some of the nation’s most prestigious economic development awards:

IEDC Gold Award for Public-Private Partnerships: Gillespie Group’s four-acre redevelopment project BLOCK600 won for being outstanding and innovative while significantly enhancing the communities’ revitalization.
IEDC Gold Award for Real Estate Development & Reuse: Michigan Community Capital’s mixed-used project Cadillac Lofts won for its innovative approach to managing brownfield conditions and constructing a building that created jobs and increased the city’s tax base.
• The Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation: MDH Development’s large-scale rehabilitation project The Milton won for its ability to showcase the deep impact collaboration and preservation can have in Michigan communities.
• Phoenix Award for Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment: CMS Energy’s construction of a new headquarters won for showing that brownfields are an essential function of planning, economic development, environmental quality and community development.

We can help you embrace the community to build the future.
These reuse and redevelopment projects can be challenging. Hazardous materials, out-of-date functionality, decay and historical requirements bring extra hurdles.
But with the MEDC, these very challenges open the door to tools that allow developers to breathe new life into Michigan’s cherished buildings and locations.
To navigate these complex projects in line with community goals, we have tools such as:

• The Michigan Community Revitalization Program, which provides gap financing for developing properties that are either contaminated, blighted, functionally obsolete or historic resources.
• A Transformational Brownfield Plan, to gain financing from new tax revenues associated with projects that will have a transformational impact on local economic development and community revitalization.
• Brownfield Tax Increment Financing, which lets taxing jurisdictions to keep property taxes at their current level and capture the increase that results from a redevelopment project.

Let’s develop Michigan’s next steps.
Whether it’s building up our rural communities, revitalizing our biggest cities, or something in between, we’re here with support. The MEDC has incentives, connections and a suite of services to help your business grow.
Visit our website to learn more about how the MEDC can help.

You can also stay up to date on community development news by signing up for the MI Communities newsletter.



Stonefield is a full-service land development consulting firm providing civil engineering, traffic engineering, planning services, land surveying, landscape architecture, and design services. Our services are felt across the country in the forms of commercial, retail, convenience, institutional, educational, residential, warehouse, industrial, and various other land use projects. Stonefield is committed to providing exceptional service for a wide range of land development programs dedicated to serving our clients’ needs.

We deeply believe in the power of teaching, mentoring, and inspiring through collaborative design. Each of our interdepartmental teams works together toward one goal regardless of their background. Our mission is to deliver meaningful work and to do so with an intense spirit of passion, experimentation, and play.

Our Site Team provides a full range of civil/site engineering services from initial concept design and feasibility analysis through construction management services. Our firm embraces the belief that our client’s real estate development goals are best served by value-added, responsive, and strategic consulting services. Stonefield is comprised of innovative thinkers whose mission is to assist in realizing the goals of our clients while implementing safe and efficient designs that will enhance the end-user’s experience and benefit the local community.

One of the most crucial and emotionally charged elements of a development’s approval and eventual construction is the potential impact it will have on the surrounding community’s traffic patterns. Stonefield has extensive experience in the field of traffic engineering, working with various builders to assess traffic impacts and methods to mitigate congestion and clarify commonly misunderstood conceptions about new facilities. Our team has provided traffic analysis, traffic reports, mitigation plans and expert testimony for over 2,000 projects in the eastern US.

The survey team at Stonefield is comprised of experienced professional land surveyors and technicians capable of providing a wide variety of surveying services. With the ever-increasing complexity of real estate transactions, planning, development, and construction, our professionals have the expertise to achieve highly accurate results in this evolving environment. Leveraging the tactical use of innovative technologies available today, Stonefield maintains a practice of delivering the highest professional quality and standards in our survey production. This approach allows us to service projects of all sizes and intricacies.

Stonefield’s professional planning team is dedicated to designing facilities and projects that increase livability for all users. Stonefield is fully committed to combining various perspectives and integrating them to create a holistic vision for a project. Stonefield’s staff members are all highly collaborative with engineers, designers, and planners frequently coordinating to create dynamic development projects that enhance the user experience. Stonefield has in house capacity to create safety analyses, conduct road audits, create community mapping, render proposed development plans and a host of other capabilities that all work towards the goal of having a client’s project envisioned and realized. Stonefield designs promote a sense of community and belonging.

Within the walls of Stonefield, landscape architecture is woven with harmony through each project and profession. Here we embrace our societal responsibility as stewards of our natural resources and welcome those leadership roles in providing ethical and fair behavior relating to our natural environment. To fulfill this duty, we believe that at the heart of strong landscape architecture design are progressive theories in sustainability, community outreach, adaptive reuse, heritage, human interaction, and environmental preservation. Within every project, the creation of a tight-knit social network of human scale livable spaces combined with respect, care, and guidance of the environment is the driving force of the design essence at Stonefield.

The foundation of our visual work is to establish a meaningful connection at first impression. Our graphic design team utilizes the latest software to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s generating 3D architectural simulations, advertising products and services on behalf of our clients, designing our own merchandise, or anything else encompassed by the world of design, we do so enthusiastically. As designers, we aim to answer questions that are yet to be asked. We see the world in its imperfect state as an opportunity to reshape the way we all think. We abide by an internal constitution of values that challenge us to create our best work. Surpassing our own expectations is a must, surpassing yours is a given.

For more information visit: https://www.stonefieldeng.com

The GSH Group

The GSH Group

The GSH Group: A Concierge Approach to Owning Multifamily Real Estate

The GSH Group, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Michigan, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing multifamily real estate investment companies. Led by Gideon Pfeffer and partners Shmuel Cohen and Hannan Lis— passionate investors with decades of experience managing over 10,000 multi and single-family units — GSH is focused on providing superior returns for its investors while providing high-quality, affordably priced, and safe housing in stable up-and-coming communities across the US that our nation’s essential workers are proud to call home.
GSH’s growth-oriented strategy is a disciplined approach to acquiring and operating multifamily rental communities, providing an ideal real estate investment strategy for investors looking for less volatility and higher returns than investing in the stock market. GSH handles all aspects of the investment process, from acquisition to construction to managing investors, which has proven effective in keeping overall costs down and maximizing returns. With a carefully curated portfolio of high cash-flowing real estate opportunities, GSH provides investors with the opportunity for increased revenues through simple and cost-efficient adjustments.

“We focus on acquiring existing multifamily communities that we believe are well located and that can be elevated”, says Gideon Pfeffer, GSH’s CEO and Managing Partner. “We then renovate these properties, improving them with cost-effective upgrades and amenities. We’re a vertically integrated company with experienced acquisitions, construction, and property management teams, so we’re able to keep costs down while we improve the property’s value.”

“Another strategy that sets us apart is our concierge approach. We do the heavy lifting, so our investors don’t have to, managing all phases of their investment from A to Z. Our business model benefits our residents, the community at large, and investment partners,” commented Gideon.

While each market and property is unique, GSH has discovered that creating a positive community experience is the most effective approach for attracting dependable long-term tenants and decreasing vacancies and turnover rates. GSH’s communities prioritize installing or enhancing amenities such as community pools, clubhouses, dog runs, and green spaces, and offering other features and value add programs to distinguish their properties from competitors and maintain an exceptional resident experience.

Investors also benefit. Many investors prefer not only to earn a healthy return but also to align themselves with companies focused on the greater good.

“The GSH Group also strongly focuses on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts when renovating properties. We believe in sustainability, transparency, and creating high-quality communities. Sure, this is a positive strategy for investors, but one that reaps benefits for our residents, society at large, and future generations,” commented Pfeffer.

In a multifamily real estate market plagued by rising costs and intensifying competition, placing a strong emphasis on desirable, sustainable multifamily communities that prioritize the resident experience while benefiting investors sets GSH apart and has afforded the company continued success since its inception.

For more information visit: https://gshrealestate.com