Your five-star projects can use five-star partners.
The old adage is that it’s all about who you know. We know that’s only half true – you also have to work hard to stay successful as a developer. But knowing the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and everything we have to offer can make that work easier.

Focusing on your needs is our foundation.
Solid, long-lasting partnerships are the core of how the MEDC builds Michigan’s economy. We strengthen our relationships the same way you build your business: by focusing on the specific needs of each partner and project.
That’s why we tailor our incentives and services – so the tools always fit the job.

We’ve been around the block before.
From planning to ribbon cutting, we align the right local, regional and state resources. We make sure developers have what they need to shape our vibrant small towns and refresh our largest downtowns.
Developers like you have relied on this approach to revitalize Michigan for years. That experience and support have helped our partners earn some of the nation’s most prestigious economic development awards:

IEDC Gold Award for Public-Private Partnerships: Gillespie Group’s four-acre redevelopment project BLOCK600 won for being outstanding and innovative while significantly enhancing the communities’ revitalization.
IEDC Gold Award for Real Estate Development & Reuse: Michigan Community Capital’s mixed-used project Cadillac Lofts won for its innovative approach to managing brownfield conditions and constructing a building that created jobs and increased the city’s tax base.
• The Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation: MDH Development’s large-scale rehabilitation project The Milton won for its ability to showcase the deep impact collaboration and preservation can have in Michigan communities.
• Phoenix Award for Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment: CMS Energy’s construction of a new headquarters won for showing that brownfields are an essential function of planning, economic development, environmental quality and community development.

We can help you embrace the community to build the future.
These reuse and redevelopment projects can be challenging. Hazardous materials, out-of-date functionality, decay and historical requirements bring extra hurdles.
But with the MEDC, these very challenges open the door to tools that allow developers to breathe new life into Michigan’s cherished buildings and locations.
To navigate these complex projects in line with community goals, we have tools such as:

• The Michigan Community Revitalization Program, which provides gap financing for developing properties that are either contaminated, blighted, functionally obsolete or historic resources.
• A Transformational Brownfield Plan, to gain financing from new tax revenues associated with projects that will have a transformational impact on local economic development and community revitalization.
• Brownfield Tax Increment Financing, which lets taxing jurisdictions to keep property taxes at their current level and capture the increase that results from a redevelopment project.

Let’s develop Michigan’s next steps.
Whether it’s building up our rural communities, revitalizing our biggest cities, or something in between, we’re here with support. The MEDC has incentives, connections and a suite of services to help your business grow.
Visit our website to learn more about how the MEDC can help.

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