The GSH Group: A Concierge Approach to Owning Multifamily Real Estate

The GSH Group, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Michigan, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing multifamily real estate investment companies. Led by Gideon Pfeffer and partners Shmuel Cohen and Hannan Lis— passionate investors with decades of experience managing over 10,000 multi and single-family units — GSH is focused on providing superior returns for its investors while providing high-quality, affordably priced, and safe housing in stable up-and-coming communities across the US that our nation’s essential workers are proud to call home.
GSH’s growth-oriented strategy is a disciplined approach to acquiring and operating multifamily rental communities, providing an ideal real estate investment strategy for investors looking for less volatility and higher returns than investing in the stock market. GSH handles all aspects of the investment process, from acquisition to construction to managing investors, which has proven effective in keeping overall costs down and maximizing returns. With a carefully curated portfolio of high cash-flowing real estate opportunities, GSH provides investors with the opportunity for increased revenues through simple and cost-efficient adjustments.

“We focus on acquiring existing multifamily communities that we believe are well located and that can be elevated”, says Gideon Pfeffer, GSH’s CEO and Managing Partner. “We then renovate these properties, improving them with cost-effective upgrades and amenities. We’re a vertically integrated company with experienced acquisitions, construction, and property management teams, so we’re able to keep costs down while we improve the property’s value.”

“Another strategy that sets us apart is our concierge approach. We do the heavy lifting, so our investors don’t have to, managing all phases of their investment from A to Z. Our business model benefits our residents, the community at large, and investment partners,” commented Gideon.

While each market and property is unique, GSH has discovered that creating a positive community experience is the most effective approach for attracting dependable long-term tenants and decreasing vacancies and turnover rates. GSH’s communities prioritize installing or enhancing amenities such as community pools, clubhouses, dog runs, and green spaces, and offering other features and value add programs to distinguish their properties from competitors and maintain an exceptional resident experience.

Investors also benefit. Many investors prefer not only to earn a healthy return but also to align themselves with companies focused on the greater good.

“The GSH Group also strongly focuses on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts when renovating properties. We believe in sustainability, transparency, and creating high-quality communities. Sure, this is a positive strategy for investors, but one that reaps benefits for our residents, society at large, and future generations,” commented Pfeffer.

In a multifamily real estate market plagued by rising costs and intensifying competition, placing a strong emphasis on desirable, sustainable multifamily communities that prioritize the resident experience while benefiting investors sets GSH apart and has afforded the company continued success since its inception.

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